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PAT KANE is a seasoned showman, being a singer, dancer, actor, and instrumentalist since childhood.

On his farm in the hill country of the Canisteo River, he was raised in the traditions of the Grange and

of his Irish family. Pat’s cousins still run the family farm in West Clare, Ireland, which Pat visits often. Hence, the name of his company, West o’Clare.

PAT KANE IS A HARDWORKING, FULL TIME SOLOIST who may entertain for hours without a break or repeat. On fiddle, guitar, whistle and bodhran, he plays jigs, reels, square dances, airs and hundreds

of ballads from Ireland and America. Pat has been working full time for over 40 years, in pubs, clubs, concerts, schools, colleges, and festivals. He has played every occasion, from wakes to weddings, on both sides of the Atlantic. Since 1994, he has also been the leader of the band, West o'Clare. 

WEST O'CLARE IS A TALENTED GROUP of all-star musicians from around our region, with varied ethnic backgrounds. While Pat's Irish heritage is the primary focus of the band, All the members contribute their individual qualities to create a truly regional style.

PAT KANE HAS WRITTEN many fine songs and knows a host of modern selections as well. Pat has a vocal range and styling ability that would do well on any stage, anywhere. Pat has produced a good number of albums and for 20 years hosted a weekly Irish radio show in Elmira New York.

Pat is a gifted dance instructor and caller, for squares, ceili, and other styles. He often dances and calls

at the same time, or can also fiddle and call at once.

PAT KANE STILL LIVES on his family farm in his home region, and is now grandfather to seven children. PAT & KATHLEEN KANE are also tour organizers and guides, and for 20 years have arranged and led 

tours to Ireland. They have also led tours to Italy, and are now including Scotland in their tours.

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