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Here are the albums I currently have for sale. I am working on a plan for you to listen and

buy my music online. I apologize that CD Baby has cancelled their selling site!

Any of these albums can be ordered by mail or email.

The cost is $20 per album, including tax & shipping.

You may send a check to Pat Kane at the address below, and we will mail CDs to you.

Arcane Memory Front Cover copy.jpg

Arcane Country                                       Arcane Filosofy                               Arcane Memory
                                        These three albums contain my original songs

On Covers, front cover.jpg

                                            Rigadoo                                                On Covers
                              Irish songs with a lilt                       Cover songs, variety music
                   with Terry Kane & Gabe Donohue           with West o'Clare...Kathy, Kenny, and Rob

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